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Monday, June 6, 2011

Back after 3 weeks out

Death is a beautiful sunsetImage by Unitopia via FlickrI was out for about 3 weeks, and it was quite an urgent trip that I had to make, me and my family.

At 83 years old, my mother was on a sick and frail physique, and at her last days, 5 in the hospital, where she showed recovery, then 5 at home, where she finally transpired, she was already begging for drugs so she can go away peacefully.

And in most cases of an impending death, on her last day, she summoned all her strength to savor a meal before passing over to her next life.

We will miss her, and we have to take care of our equally aged father who is left behind, now aged 87.

Hope to get back in circulation soon.

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