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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Plus Point For Facebook

facebook logo
facebook logo (Photo credit: marcopako )

Well, a long time ago since I made a post on this blog, and having some time spent on Facebook, I can now say that I can make a comment -- based on experience.

There are posts that I may deem inappropriate, or indiscretionary, and at times, Facebook would seem to be Food-book, with people posting their small and big meals, but recently, there has been many articles that serve a purpose -- the passing on of information.

Take, for instance, one video that was shared around, and my wife showed it to me. It was some kind of a bag that is hollow and has a spring-loaded mechanism inside -- designed to grab and lock on a smaller bag that it is placed on, or over -- and once lifted up again, the smaller bag is carried along. That, I can say, is one quick and easy way to steal bags, anywhere, anytime.

So beware, always watch your bags, not just when you are travelling, when at the airport, or anywhere. And mind the distractions. Criminal minds will always have something that will catch us off guard, and make us unaware of what had just happened.

That, I can say, is one of the better things happening in Facebook.

Till then!