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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I was relieved, and I was relieved!

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The last year marked a turning event, albeit minor, in my life - as a father.

I will be direct to the point: my girls have grown. My eldest graduated from primary school, with the other 2 going P5 and P3. Not to mention a newborn baby last September (and that was 09-09-09).

When we bought the books for their 2010 curriculum, I didn't do anymore a lot of things that I usually do in the previous years:
1. stick their name tags on their school materials (books, pencils, paints, etc., etc.)
2. cover with plastic sheet their books and notebooks to protect them from the daily handling.

And if to say it that this chore actually takes up a lot of time, I didn't worry about that this year, and perhaps I will not worry about it in the next years to come.

I was relieved of that chore, and boy, was I relieved!

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